Sri lanka

Sri Lanka, a tropical island country located in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, has a recorded history of over two millennia. Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic & multi-religious country. And It has the cultural heritage enriched by the influence of Buddhism. Sri Lanka is a place rich in natural beauty due to its lack of change.

Since time immemorial, Sri Lanka has been able to fascinate explorers and travelers from all over the world with its natural beauty and varied cultural endowments.
Consisting of 65,610 square kilometers this island, There is no mistake by known as a country with the most beautiful people who are in front of the world in terms of hospitality.

Many people who have experienced the beauty of Sri Lanka, which is filled with beautiful beaches, misty central mountains, historical ruins, forests and lush fields, have likened it to paradise at countless times.

This country, which has a soulful connection with the game of cricket, has become the world champions of the game twice and the champions of the Asian continent 6 times by the year 2022.

Good to Know about Sri Lanka
  • Capital City

    Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

  • Main Commercial City


  • Currency

    Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR / Rs)

  • Population

    20 million

  • Literacy Rate


  • Languages

    Sinhala and Tamil. English is also widely spoken in Sri Lanka except in remote villages.

  • Ethnic Mix

    Sinhalese - 74%, Tamil - 18%, Muslim - 7%, Burgher (descendants of Dutch and Portuguese colonists) and others - 1%

  • Religion

    Buddhism - 70%, Hinduism - 16%, Christianity - 7%, Islam - 7%

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Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate our beautiful country of Sri Lanka, full of hospitality and natural beauty, to be the best tourist destination in the world forever.

Our Mission

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